Cat Ladies Go To The Dogs

cat lady cartoon John Takai

Oh, no! How could this be possible? Recent research shows that more and more cat ladies are going to the dogs.

2005 and 2015, 7.7 million women became dog owners, while just 0.9
million added cats to their families, David Sprinkle writes on
But if cat ladies are becoming a dying breed, someone else is following
in their trail of cat hair. Think about the T-shirt slogan: “Real Men
Love Cats.”

Sprinkle, who is the publisher and research director
at Packaged Facts, says cat ownership in households with just men rose
from 13 percent in 2005 to 18 percent in 2015.

That’s the good news. But the other bad news for cats is that people with high incomes seem to prefer dogs.

“Cat ownership is sliding somewhat down the socio-economic scale,” Sprinkle says.

2005 and 2015, 6.2 million additional households with an income of
$100,000 or more became dog owners, he says, while just 2.4 million of
these higher-earning families adopted or bought cats.

2005 and 2015, cat ownership rates have remained fairly steady among
households with an income of under $75,000, and have even edged up, from
21 percent to 25 percent among households with an income of
$25,000–$49,999,” Sprinkle says.

“Among households with an income
of $75,000–$99,999, however, cat ownership rates dropped from 30
percent to 23 percent, and among households with an income of  with an
income of $100,000 or more, cat ownership went from 31 percent to 27

Over this period, dog ownership grew from 44 percent to 48 percent among among households earning $100,000 a year or more.

what are the remaining cat ladies to do? This one will be talking up
the joys of cat companionship anywhere and everywhere. Oh, and I’ll be
keeping my lint brush close at hand because I won’t be representing my
feline friends well if my black sweater is covered with orange hair!

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