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Meet Mousr, The Robotic Cat Toy & Your Cat’s New Best Friend

Mousr, a robotic cat toy, might be even more fun than the real thing.


Mousr, a robotic cat toy, may be even more fun than the real thing.

Mousr, a robotic cat toy, may be even more fun than the real thing.

The price may seem a bit steep for another cat toy that’s just going to lie around on the floor doing nothing. But hey, isn’t your cat worth it? That $149 buys a robotic cat toy with artificial intelligence and its very own app. 

Petronics introduced Mousr, its smarter-than-most-robotic-cat-toys, at Global Pet Expo last spring and left the event with high honors. It won both the American Pet Product Association’s Best New Cat Product Award for 2018 and the Fear Free Best Cat Enrichment Product award. 

Playing Cat And (Robotic) Mouse


The Best Buzz — Cats Say It’s Silver Vine Not Catnip

Forget the catnip. A new study shows silver vine is cats’ recreational herb of choice.


Most cats love catnip, but they love silver vine even more.

This cat is enjoying his catnip, but he’d probably enjoy silver vine even more.

As you’re thinking about your holiday shopping, consider this news from the Winn Feline Foundation: silver vine, not catnip, is cats’ recreational herb of choice. 

Researchers actually tested several mind-bending plants on 100 cats. Catnip made the cats happier than any of the others, but in the face off between silver vine and catnip, silver vine won paws down. Seventy-nine percent of the cats had the most fun with silver vine, while 68 percent really got off on catnip. Of the cats who didn’t respond to catnip, 71 per cent were turned on by silver vine.

Among the duds were honeysuckle and valerian root, which are popular substitutes for catnip when cautious humans are planning their cats’ recreational activities. Turns out they’re not at all popular among cats.

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