New Cancer Treatment For Cats

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If you’ve ever had a cat with cancer, you know how heartbreaking it is.
Surgery, chemo, radiation, herbs, homeopathy… nothing seems to help
for long.

But a new treatment developed by Morphogenesis, Inc. of Tampa,
FL could extend a cancer cat’s quality of life while managing the
disease. As the bio-tech company explains it, “ImmuneFx™ primes and educates the pet’s own immune system to recognize and kill cancer cells.”

tissue containing cancerous cells is harvested and sent to Veterinary
Oncology Services, a Morphogenesis subsidiary, in Tampa. The cancer
cells are marked so the immune system can recognize them. Then they are
injected back into the patient, “initiating the immune response which
will commence a strategic attack on the patient’s tumor.”

The vaccine has been approved by the USDA for use in companion animals.
Here’s the manufacturer’s description of the vaccine.
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