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New! Your Cats Can Catch Some Bargains With Amazon Pet Profiles

Your cat can now earn discount and coupons with Amazon Pet Profiles.

Maybe your cats can’t do their own shopping on Amazon… yet. But they can receive their own “purrsonalized”  recommendations and coupons with Amazon Pet Profiles.

The Amazon Pet Profiles are new and could give the retailer an even larger share of the online pet supply market.

According to the most recent American Pet Product Association’s National Pet Owners Survey, Amazon had the lion’s share of online pet supply shoppers with 54 percent. Chewy.com, the retailer I thought was everybody’s favorite, was far behind Amazon, Petsmart.com and Walmart.com with just 18 percent.

How To Do Amazon Pet Profiles

 Your cats can catch some bargains on Amazon if you choose Pet Supplies on Amazon’s list of departments. Then click on Pet Profile in the second horizontal menu.

My cat, Belle, and I just did this, and she was disappointed in the coupons. She eats only wet food, but all the food coupons were for dry. And she thought the one toy that came with a coupon looked boring. She was really hoping for a coupon for a Yeowww Catnip toy or maybe a tub of super potent silvervine. But there weren’t any of those.

Most of the suggestions were based on my past purchases (Belle doesn’t have any past purchases of her own because she doesn’t shop on Amazon).

I live with more cats who want their own Amazon Pet Profiles. What they’re hunting for is catnip coupons. We could use lots of those.

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Is Christmas Shopping Going To The Dogs?

So, what’s your cat getting for Christmas this year? If you’re like most cat people, you’re looking for toys, and you’re buying them online.

The most reviewed cat toy on Amazon: The Catit Design Senses Play Circuit, a long “peek-boo-track” with a colorful ball inside.

Going To The Dogs

This year, holiday shoppers are expected to spend an average of $62 each on Christmas gifts for their animal companions, according to a study by SLI Systems, a provider of e-commerce solutions and services for mid-size to large Internet retailers.
But a big chunk of the money, the company found, is going to the dogs. SLI looked at 3.5 million searches on eight pet products websites. Searches containing the word “dog” were 2.5 times more popular than searches for cat items. 
Dog beds were the most common search, edging out collars and even toys. But while dogs might sleep the holidays away, cats will be up and running. Most of the people shopping for cats were looking for toys and scratching items.
Maybe because dog beds can be expensive, searches that included the word “sale” were 16 percent more common among dog owners than they were among people who were looking for gifts for cats. 

Amazon’s Top Ten 

If you’re still looking for gift ideas for your cats, these are the top 10 best sellers on Amazon.

Tip For Christmas Shopping For Cats

I have to admit I’m one of those millions of Amazon Christmas shoppers. That’s where I find the most interesting gifts for my cats. They love Hot Cats, and I can’t find them locally.
No matter what your cats love to play with, here are some things to keep in mind when you’re Christmas shopping for cats.
  • Make sure the toys are big enough for adult cats. Many toys, especially the bat and swat toys that you put on the floor for the cats to play with themselves, are designed for kittens, not adults.
  • Cats don’t care whether their play mice have eyes and bells, and sewn-on eyes and bells can be a choking hazard. 
  • Look for toys that are durable and well-made. There’s nothing more frustrating than catching a “mouse” and having it fall apart at the seams. 
  • Avoid toys that are filled with nutshells, beans or polystyrene beads. These, too, could be a choking hazard if the toy falls apart.
And here’s one more holiday tip. Save those cartons your online purchases come in for your cats. A big box with crunchy packing paper inside could be the best Christmas gift of all for a cat! 

Exercise Wheel For Cats

Exercise Wheel For Cats If you have a fat cat, a stationary exercise wheel might be just the thing. Or it might not. But if the One Fast Cat
wheel has cats scratching their heads and wondering what the heck it
is, the new product has many human believers. Creator Sean Farley’s
Kickstarter campaign has raised over $250,000, more than $200,000 over
his goal.

On his website, Farley notes
that cats are sprinters and use short bursts of energy to hunt. The
wheel might appeal to that short burst of energy instinct. But with
nothing to hunt, many cats might wonder what’s the point. Attaching a
dangling toy to the top of the wheel might make it more interesting.

wheel is four feet wide and is made of recycled plastic. The run
surface is closed cell EVA foam that lets cats run naturally, using
their claws for safe footing. It’s available online from Farley’s
Kickstarter website for $199, including shipping.