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Lawmaker Seeks To Ban Declawing Cats

Cat Claw

millions of Americans, Linda Rosenthal thinks declawing is cruel. But
as a state assemblywoman from Manhattan, she’s in a position to do
something about it.

A Democrat, she’s introduced a bill that
would prohibit declawing cats and other animals, except to remove a
tumor or for another medical reason. If the bill passes, New York will
be the first state to ban declawing. Rosenthal and the cats
have some powerful allies in the Humane Society of 
New York and The Paw
Project, a California-based anti-declawing group. But the American
Veterinary Medical Association’s reaction has been lukewarm.

The organization, which, among other things, advises vets on business
practices and opportunities, says declawing cats should be done only as a
“last resort.” Whatever that means…

Declawing is far more
than a “manicure.” To declaw a cat, the veterinarian must amputate the
top digit of every toe. The procedure is illegal in most countries
except the US.

This is my favorite declaw website. And here’s my cat’s blog post listing Nine Reasons Why All Cat Paws Need Claws. Oh, and if your cat’s shredding the furniture, this should help.

If you live in New York, be sure to write to your state legislators to
let them know you support Rosenthal’s legislation. Nationwide, this is a
policy that’s long overdue!