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No More Free Rides For Some Emotional Support Animals

Bad news for emotional support animals. There are no more free rides on United unless they’re cats or dogs.


There are no more free rides for emotional support animals on United unless they're cats or dogs.

There are no more free rides for emotional support animals on United unless they’re cats or dogs.

Was your emotional support animal hoping for a free ride? Unless he’s a cat or dog, that’s not going to happen on United Airlines. And even cats and dogs will find their wings clipped by tighter rules that went into effect earlier this month.

The flap over emotional support animals apparently began when a woman tried to board a United Flight in Newark with a peacock named Dexter on her shoulders. 

Nothing against peacocks, the airline said, but Dexter was way too big to ride in the cabin. He and his human drove to California.

Ruffling Everyone’s Feathers

Pets On Trains
Amtrak Gives Cats A Ticket To Ride

Pets on Trains legislation gives cats a ticket to ride on Amtrak.


This cat is all packed up and ready to go, thanks to Amtrak's Pets on Trains policy

Thanks to Amtrak’s Pets on Trains policy, your cat can be your new best travel buddy.

Maybe you’re not wild about our elected officials in Washington, but here’s a reason to send a little love their way. The Pets on Trains provision buried deep into the 1300-page five-year highway appropriations bill approved last year instructs Amtrak to allow cats and dogs on many of its trains.

Amtrak started giving animal companions a ticket to ride on some routes in the northeast and Midwest last October. The pilot program ended earlier this month, and Amtrak is now on the fast track to expand its Pets on Trains policy. Cats and dogs under 20 pounds are now allowed on the Springfield Shuttles, Northeast, Downeaster,  Virginia, and Illinois regional routes and all cross country routes except the Auto Train. Animals can also travel on the Acela Express, but only on Saturdays and Sundays.

To travel with your cat, all you have to do is get on board with Amtrak’s rules. Among them: The cat must be in an approved carrier that will fit under your seat, and your trip must be no more than seven hours long. Oh, and just one cat is allowed per passenger.