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Bugged By Fleas
Flea Allergy Dermatitis In Cats Is On The Rise

Flea allergy dermatitis in cats is on the rise. Keep reading to find out how to prevent fleas naturally and soothe an itchy cat.


Do you have an itchy cat? Flea allergy dermatitis in cats is on the rise.

Flea allergy dermatitis can cause cats to scratch nonstop.

Blame it on climate change. Cats are getting more fleas, and flea allergy dermatitis in cats is becoming more common, according to Banfield Pet Hospitals’ 2018 State of Pet Health Report.

The report says there’s been an astonishing 67 percent increase in flea allergy dermatitis in cats since 2008. In 2017, 170 of every 10,000 cats seen at Banfield hospitals had the allergic reaction to fleas. In 2008, just 102 of every 10,000 cats developed flea allergy dermatitis. 

Some cats are so sensitive to fleas, just one bite can cause an allergic reaction, or dermatitis.

Is Climate Change Causing More Flea Allergy Dermatitis In Cats?

Cricket Cat Food – The Next Big Thing?

As pet food manufacturers worry about sustainability, cricket cat food could become the next big thing.

Cats love the catch crickets. But will they eat cricket cat food?

Cats love to catch crickets. But will they eat ground up crickets that come out of a can?

Okay, so cats eat bugs all the time. If you were a cat, you’d probably love nothing more than chowing down on a freshly-caught fly or cricket. Eeeuuu…

But Tarique Arsiwalla, a co-founder of Protix Biosystems, a company that markets insects as “the next protein commodity,” is hoping we humans will overcome the yuck factor and consider cricket cat food for our feline family members. Are you ready for ground-up crickets in a can? Ugh…

Arsiwalla was a presenter at a Petfood Forum Europe. His topic: insect-based ingredients in cat and dog food. Yuck…

But while just the thought of cricket cat food may give you the creepy crawlies, pet food made from insects might be in our cats’ not-so-distant future. Although our planet could probably sustain an infinite number of bugs, that’s not true of the animals who become food for us and our dogs and cats.

Are We Running Out Of Food For Both Pets And Humans?