Are Seresto Flea Collars Safe? It Depends On Who You Ask

Are Seresto Flea Collars Safe? It Depends On Who You Ask

Reading Time: 4 minutes Are you having some misgivings about that Seresto flea collar your cat is wearing? Despite thousands of incident reports to the Environmental protection Agency, both the EPA and toxicologists at the Pet Poison Helpline say not to worry. A recent review of the scientific literature on Seresto collars and their own animal poison control case data show the collars are safe, the toxicologists say. Maybe they are. But there are other safer natural ways to get rid of fleas, and your cats won’t have to breathe insecticide from the collars around their necks.

Can AI Read X-Rays For Cats?

Reading Time: 3 minutes The next time your cat has x-rays, don’t be surprised if a computer with artificial intelligence reads them. X-rays for cats are going even higher-tech, largely because there’s a shortage of human veterinary radiologists. While AI gets mixed reviews from vets, a growing number of practices are using it. Your vet might be next!

Spot-On Flea Meds May Cause Water Pollution

Reading Time: 4 minutes You know those spot-on flea meds humans have come to rely on for their cats? Turns out they may help cats but harm the planet. Researchers in England found high concentrations of fipronil and imidacloprid in English rivers, suggesting that spot-on flea treatments cause water pollution. But there are other, safer natural ways to get fleas to flee. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

Cats Can Get Covid From Other Cats

Reading Time: 4 minutes Don’t let this scare you, but cats can get Covid from other cats. A study at Kansas State University found that asymptomatic cats can transmit the disease to other cats within two days. But can people get Covid from cats? Numerous researchers and the Centers for Disease Control  and Preventionsay they can’t. So don’t be afraid of your cat!

PetSmart And Chewy.Com Break Up; Pet Valu Closes US Stores

Reading Time: 4 minutes Turns out that PetSmart and weren’t the “purrfect” match, after all. Three years after it purchased the huge online retailer, PetSmart plans to sell all of its shares in Chewy and split the companies in two. What will this mean for Chewy customers? So far, the company’s not saying. In another change to where you’ll buy your cat food, Pet Valu is Covid’s latest retail victim and will close its US stores.

Cat Chow Wants You To Think Therapy Cats, Not Dogs

Reading Time: 5 minutes Purina Cat Chow wants you to think therapy cats, not dogs. There’s a reason for this. A new Cat Chow study found that cats can be “purrfect” therapy animals, too. The research shows that humans consider their cats wonderful companions who improve their physical and mental health. This information prompted Cat Chow to team up with Pet Partners to increase the number of therapy cats available to visit people who need them. Do you live with a potential therapy cat? Keep reading to find out.

Senior Cats | 11 Essential Tips For Their Care As Their Numbers Grow

Reading Time: 4 minutes Kittens are cute, but our deepest bonds are with our senior cats. And their numbers are growing, according to Packaged Facts. Its most recent Pet Population and Ownership Trends in the US report says 43 percent of cat parents live with a cat who’s seven or older. Caring for a senior cat isn’t always easy, and more frequent vet visits, medications and special supplements can make it expensive. But according to the Packaged Facts report, many Americans are willing to do almost anything to keep their beloved cats happy and healthy in old age.