Cats Can Get Covid From Other Cats

Cats Can Get Covid From Other Cats

Don’t let this scare you, but cats can get Covid from other cats. A study at Kansas State University found that asymptomatic cats can transmit the disease to other cats within two days. But can people get Covid from cats? Numerous researchers and the Centers for Disease Control  and Preventionsay they can’t. So don’t be afraid of your cat!

PetSmart And Chewy.Com Break Up; Pet Valu Closes US Stores

Turns out that PetSmart and weren’t the “purrfect” match, after all. Three years after it purchased the huge online retailer, PetSmart plans to sell all of its shares in Chewy and split the companies in two. What will this mean for Chewy customers? So far, the company’s not saying. In another change to where you’ll buy your cat food, Pet Valu is Covid’s latest retail victim and will close its US stores.

Cat Chow Wants You To Think Therapy Cats, Not Dogs

Purina Cat Chow wants you to think therapy cats, not dogs. There’s a reason for this. A new Cat Chow study found that cats can be “purrfect” therapy animals, too. The research shows that humans consider their cats wonderful companions who improve their physical and mental health. This information prompted Cat Chow to team up with Pet Partners to increase the number of therapy cats available to visit people who need them. Do you live with a potential therapy cat? Keep reading to find out.

Senior Cats | 11 Essential Tips For Their Care As Their Numbers Grow

Kittens are cute, but our deepest bonds are with our senior cats. And their numbers are growing, according to Packaged Facts. Its most recent Pet Population and Ownership Trends in the US report says 43 percent of cat parents live with a cat who’s seven or older. Caring for a senior cat isn’t always easy, and more frequent vet visits, medications and special supplements can make it expensive. But according to the Packaged Facts report, many Americans are willing to do almost anything to keep their beloved cats happy and healthy in old age.

Veterinarians Are Close To Coronavirus Cure For Humans

Human and animal research often overlap. So it’s not surprising that veterinary virologists at Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary medicine are coming close to a coronavirus cure for humans. In other veterinary news, a new study looks at the behavior of cats on weight-loss diets. And the start-up pet insurance company, Pumpkin, covers cats of all colors, but it might have a soft spot for the big orange guys.

Neutering Cats Early Can Stop Aggression

‎Neutering cats early isn’t without controversy, and most vets suggest waiting until the cat is six months old, or even older. But a group of national veterinary associations thinks cats should be neutered/spayed earlier to prevent future health and behavior issues, including aggression. The group began its Feline Fix By Five Months campaign in 2016, and now state veterinary associations are finally getting on board.

Catwater | Could It Help Prevent UTIs In Cats?

For humans, bottled water is hardly the next big thing. But it could be for cats. A Colorado-based company is bottling Catwater, which it says is mineral-free and pH optimized to help prevent UTIs in cats. 


One way to prevent UTIs in cats is to get them to drink more, even if it's from a faucet.

Does your cat love a drink from the faucet?

Just about the last thing the planet needs is more plastic bottles finding their way to recycling centers and the ocean. But more plastic might be the price you have to pay if you want to do one more thing to try to prevent UTIs in cats. 

Enter Catwater, a new product from H&C Animal Health. Bottled in Canada, it’s ozonated and chlorine-free. H&C says its pH is “perfectly balanced” between 6.2-6.4 to minimize the minerals that can cause bladder stones and crystals in cats.

The issue, of course, is how to get your cat to drink it, even if it tastes great. Healthy cats are notoriously unenthusiastic drinkers. We can thank their desert wild cat ancestors for that almost nonexistent thirst drive.

Getting Your Cat To Drink More

Coronavirus And Cats: 5 Things To Know


No, you can’t get COVID-19 from your cat. And she can’t get it from you. But there are some things to know about the coronavirus and cats that could help keep both of you healthy. And yes, as Mom said at least once a day when you were a kid, wash your hands. Often.

Don't worry about coronavirus and cats.. It can't be transmitted from cats and dogs to humans.

They’re innocent! Cats and dogs can’t transmit the new coronavirus to humans.

So you read about the dog in China who tested positive for the new coronavirus, and now you’re eyeing your cat with suspicion and just a little bit of fear. But infected humans are not the cats’ fault! Numerous world and national health agencies say COVID-19 can’t be transmitted from cats and dogs to humans. You might be able to give it to your cat though. Not that she’ll get sick. 

Coronaviruses tend to be species-specific. So while the coronavirus and cats is probably not an issue for either of you, your cat has plenty of her own coronaviruses to worry about.

The Coronavirus And Cats: Five Things To Do

New Test Predicts Kidney Disease In Cats

A new test uses artificial intelligence to predict kidney disease in cats two years before it occurs.

Could this cat have kidney disease? A new test uses AI to predict kidney disease in cats before it occurs.

A new test can predict kidney disease in cats before it occurs.

You could think of it as a high-tech crystal ball. RenalTech, a test from Antech Diagnostics, uses artificial intelligence to predict the likelihood of kidney disease in cats two years before it occurs.

Vets can use the test results to develop a personalized care plan that could keep the cat from going into kidney failure.

Studies show that one in three cats will develop kidney disease in their lifetimes. What makes it so dangerous is that it can be difficult to diagnose before it’s done significant damage to the kidneys.

Signs Of Kidney Disease In Cats