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Looking for cat news you can use? Find it on The Daily Cat.We all love to read about cats, and I love to write about them, too. When I started this blog, I thought there would be some newsy little tidbit I could write about every day. Thus, the name of the blog.

Much to my dismay, I quickly discovered that there isn’t all that much news about cats unless you like reading about Animal Control raids and community disputes over trap/neuter/return. Personally, I don’t like reading about either and try to stop both in my community.

So the Daily Cat has evolved. And although it’s not daily, I do try to provide cat news you can use or stories that are quirky, fun and interesting.

I hope you enjoy reading. Your comments are always welcome and appreciated, either here or on my cat, Thomasina’s, Facebook page.
— Missy Zane

Disclosure Policy: I have an affiliate relationship with Amazon.com and others. The small commission I receive from Amazon sales and click-throughs helps keep this blog running and my cats fed.