About Missy

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Hello, and welcome to the (more like weekly) Daily Cat. I’m Missy, and I write this blog with love and deep respect for cats.

I’m a mom and proud grandmother of six. I’m also housemate to six aging and beautiful cats. Their health and happiness mean more than anything to me. That’s why I do my best to keep up with the latest news about cat healthcare, food, toys and research. In the Daily Cat, I share what I find out with you.

Cats and writing have always been my passions. Now I’m the president of a cat rescue and own a cat sitting service. But I began my professional life as a “copy girl” at the Newark Star-Ledger while I was majoring in journalism at New York University. Washington Square Park was my college campus, and I loved meeting with my professors in the park with hungry pigeons sitting at our feet.

When we moved to Maryland, I began freelancing for a community newspaper. The editor/publisher and I had some serious political differences, but the writing was fun.

As my kids got older, and I was able to work more, I became the corporate features editor for a large chain of community newspapers. My writers and I won many regional and national awards, and I was so proud!

But animals have always been my first love and after 10 years, I left my job to freelance as a copywriter for local charitable foundations, hospitals and trade associations and to start my cat sitting service. I’ve never regretted my decision to become a cat sitter.

Now I spend my days hanging out with cats and my nights blogging about them. I hope you’ll visit my other blog and my cat care website.

I write for clients, too. And if you have a companion animal-related business, I’d love to write for you. For information, just contact me at missyzane@comcast.net.

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