An After Hours Vet To Take Your Call When Your Vet’s Not There

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GuardianVets provides an after hours vet to take your call when your vet’s not there.


Now there's an after hours vet to take your call when your vet's not there.

GuardianVets provides after hours triage services by telephone.

It’s 3 a.m., and your cat is coughing nonstop. You’re beginning to panic. Should you take him to the ER? Can this wait until tomorrow? If only there was an after hours vet to give you some advice.

Enter GuardianVets, a company that sounds almost like a throwback to the old days, when you could call your vet in the middle of the night and actually get your vet, not a voice mail message. GuardianVets provides an after hours vet who will talk with you when your vet’s office is closed.

The company won the grand prize in Purina’s Pet Care Innovation competition at this year’s Global Pet Expo.

An After-Hours Vet When You Need One

To talk with an after-hours vet or vet tech, all you have to do is call your vet’s office. Calls are forwarded to GuardianVets, and a certified vet tech or licensed veterinarian will answer your call. 

They won’t diagnose your cat’s problem over the phone or recommend treatments, but they can tell you whether your cat needs to be seen now or if he can wait until your vet’s office opens. They can also make an appointment for you. 

Although there are similar services online, GuardianVets is the exclusive after hours triage service provider of the American Animal Hospital Association.

Can You Recognize A Medical Emergency If There’s No After Hours Vet?

Can you recognize the signs that your cat is having a medical emergency? These are some signals that he needs to see a vet right away. 

It’s Free For You

There’s no charge for clients to use GuardianVets’ service, but veterinarians have to sign up for it. I’m going to ask my vet about it. But I think I’ll send her an email so I don’t have to listen to that annoying recording telling me to call the ER! 


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  1. Nancy - Reply

    Wow! I will save this article -so good to learn of this. Don't emergencies ALWAYS happen after hours?

  2. Ruth Epstein - Reply

    Great post and I always say I can sleep at night knowing that my vet is open 24/7 if needed plus during the day I can email them if I have questions and from there they would tell me whether to bring her in or not.

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