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Coronavirus And Cats: 5 Things To Know

No, you can’t get the new coronavirus or COVID-19 from your cat. And she can’t get it from you. But there are some things to know about the coronavirus and cats that could help keep both of you healthy. And yes, as Mom said at least once a day when you were a kid, wash your hands. Often.

Don't worry about coronavirus and cats.. It can't be transmitted from cats and dogs to humans.

They’re innocent! Cats and dogs can’t transmit the new coronavirus to humans.

So you read about the dog in China who tested positive for the new coronavirus, and now you’re eyeing your cat with suspicion and just a little bit of fear. But infected humans are not the cats’ fault! Numerous world and national health agencies say COVID-19 can’t be transmitted from cats and dogs to humans. You might be able to give it to your cat though. Not that she’ll get sick. 

Coronaviruses tend to be species-specific. So while the coronavirus and cats is probably not an issue for either of you, your cat has plenty of her own coronaviruses to worry about.

The New Coronavirus And Cats: Five Things To Do

While you can’t get COVID-19 from your cat, and it’s unlikely she’ll get it from you, the worldwide pandemic could disrupt her life almost as much as it disrupts yours. 

Here are five ways to lessen the impact of the coronavirus and cats. 

1. If your cat’s on medication, stock up. Most of our generic medications come from China, and there could be interruptions in the supply chain. Stock up on your own medications, too!

2. Also stock up on food and litter, again to protect against supply chain interruptions. My worry about coronavirus and cats is that the online retailers where I shop will need to close warehouses. 

3. Wash your hands before and after you touch your cat.

4. If she goes out, ask your neighbors to observe the same social distancing practices with her as they do with each other.

5. Be prepared. Line up a friend, neighbor or pet sitter to take care of your cat if you get sick. Also, put together a preparedness kit that includes detailed instructions for your cat’s care and her medical records. If you must care for her yourself, the American Veterinary Medical Association suggests wearing a face mask and not hugging or kissing the cat. And don’t forget to wash your hands before and after you touch her

Could A Cat Drug Help Humans With COVID-19?

For cats, the most dangerous coronavirus is the one that can mutate into FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis). Until recently, FIP was almost always deadly. But researcher and veterinarian Niels Pedersen found that the compound GS-441524 can cure FIP. Since it’s not yet available in the US, you have to order it from China.

GS-441524 is very similar to the human drug, Remdesivir, and Pederson is wondering if it could cure COVID-19. Both drugs work by blocking the virus’s ability to replicate.

Remdesivir is undergoing clinical trials in China and at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. 

But What About The Dog In China?

No one is quite sure why the Pomeranian in China tested weak positive for COVID-19. But scientists suspect he picked it up when his owner, who’s infected with the coronavirus touched him.

The virus sticks to surfaces, including, apparently, dog and maybe cat fur. So that’s why it’s worth repeating, once again, wash your hands before you touch your cat!

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Hemp Oil For Cats | An Impurrfect Solution?

Hemp oil for cats or CBD may be the current big thing. But new research shows it might not be all that good for them.

New research shows hemp oil for cats, like this long-haired beauty, could affect their blood chemistry.

Are you using hemp oil for cats or CBD? It could be affecting you cat’s blood chemistry.

So you’ve heard all the buzz about the wonders of CBD, or hemp oil for cats, to help with everything from anxiety to cancer. But it turns out that no one has ever really researched the correct dose of hemp oil for cats. And now, new research shows it might not be all that good for them. The Food and Drug Administration isn’t exactly high on hemp either. 

ElleVet Sciences, a company that makes CBD oil-infused treats and other supplements, did the study in collaboration with other researchers.

Study Shows Hemp Oil For Cats Needs More Research

Finally! There’s A Cure For FIP In Cats

Researchers believe they’ve found a cure for FIP in cats. But you’ll have to order it from Asia to get it.

Finally! There's a cure for FIP in cats that could help this kitten.

Finally, there’s a cure for FIP in cats.

Of all the awful diseases that can affect our cats, FIP is the absolute worst. It’s a cruel disease, and it’s almost always fatal. But after years of study, veterinarian Niels Pedersen, professor emeritus at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, says it’s time for FIP in cats to lose its lethal label.

The first phase of clinical trials for a drug that could cure FIP ended in the fall of 2016. Researchers at Kansas State University treated eight cats who were sick from FIP with the antiviral protease inhibitor, GC376. Sadly, two of the cats became so sick they were euthanized. But the other six recovered and were still doing well eight months later. And that was just the beginning.

While further research uncovered some problems with GC376, Pedersen found another compound, GS-441524, to be highly efficacious.

Jumping Over Hurdles To Cure FIP In Cats

Cats With Cancer Find Hope From Petco & Blue Buffalo

The diagnosis is devasting. Your cat has cancer. But Blue Buffalo and The Petco Foundation are funding research to find cures for cats with cancer.


Blue Buffalo and The Petco Foundation are increasing funding for research to find cures for cats with cancer.

Blue Buffalo and The Petco Foundation are increasing funding for research to find cures for cats with cancer.

Cures for cats with cancer are elusive, to say the least. But Blue Buffalo and the Petco Foundation are determined to find the answers.The two recently announced plans to raise an additional $2.6 million this year to add to the $15 million they’ve already invested in companion animal cancer research and treatment.

They started the Pet Cancer Awareness Campaign in 2010 with the goals of finding a cure for dogs and cats with cancer, raising awareness of this devastating disease and providing information and financial assistance to people whose animal companions have cancer. 

Help With Vet Bills For Cats With Cancer

Cat Friendly Practice: Good For Cats, Good For Vets

A cat friendly practice is good for cats and good for vets.


A cat friendly practice is as good for vets as it is for cats.

Your cats will be happier with a vet who has a cat friendly practice.

Do you dread taking your cat to the vet? You’re not the only one. Your vet might dread that visit as much as you and your cat do. But the American Association of Feline Practitioners is trying to change that with its Cat Friendly Practice program. And, according to a recent AAFP survey, catering to cats doesn’t just eliminate the dread. It’s good for business. 

In the survey, 83 percent of the vets with a Cat Friendly Practice designation reported increased cat visits. And 61 percent said their practice revenue has grown since earning the designation.

Heck No, I Won’t Go

Mirtazapine Ointment For Cats Increases Appetite, Reduces Stress

Mirtazapine ointment for cats could be a lifesaver for cats who are sick and won’t eat.


Mirtazapine ointment for cats is now available from vets.

Mirtazapine ointment for cats is now available from vets.

Here’s some much needed relief if you’re struggling to add an appetite stimulant to your sick cat’s meds. Mirtazapine ointment for cats is now available from vets, and all you have to do is rub a little bit inside an ear flap. 

Mirataz, the transdermal formulation of the popular appetite stimulant, went on the market a few months ago. 

An Appetite Stimulant Just For Cats

Alexa, Call The Vet! VCA & Amazon Team Up To Automate Services

If you’re a VCA client, skip the on-hold message and have Alexa call the vet.


If you're a VCA client, you can skip the on-hold message and have Alexa call the vet.

If you’re a VCA client, you can skip the on-hold message and have Alexa call the vet.

So we all know Alexa can turn on the lights, read us bedtime stories from Kindle books, accidentally send private messages to friends and order groceries on Amazon. But now the smart speaker has a new trick. If you’re a VCA client, try saying, “Alexa, call the vet.”

VCA and Alexa have teamed up to offer services that used to require a computer, or at least a telephone. Now, if you’re tired of listening to your vet’s on-hold recording, being able to simply say “Alexa, call the vet” could be just what the (cat) doctor ordered. 

‘Alexa Call The Vet And Make An Appointment’


Transdermal Furosemide For Cats May Be Ineffective

Study shows transdermal furosemide for cats may be ineffective.


Study shows transdermal furosemide for cats may be ineffective.

Study shows transdermal furosemide for cats may be ineffective.

If you use transdermal meds for your cat with heart disease, this isn’t the best news. A new study published by the Winn Feline Foundation found that transdermal furosemide (Lasix) “is unlikely to be effective.”

The study looked at just six cats though, so perhaps we shouldn’t leap to conclusions just yet. 

Furosemide For Cats ‘The Mainstay Of Therapy’

Coming Soon: Low Cost Vet Clinics At Walmart Stores

Low-cost vet clinics at Walmart stores are coming soon. But they’ll have very limited services.


Coming soon: Low cost vet clinics at Walmart stores.

A low-cost vet clinic could be coming to a Walmart store near you soon.

Coming soon to a Walmart store near you: a VetIQ Petcare Wellness Center. Think of the low cost vet clinics at Walmart stores as MinuteClinics for cats.

The walk-in wellness centers don’t take appointments, and offer a limited menu of services at prices considerably lower than you’d pay at a conventional veterinary clinic. Twenty locations are open now. But VetIQ expects to be in 1,000 stores by 2023.

For Healthy Cats Only

Bugged By Fleas
Flea Allergy Dermatitis In Cats Is On The Rise

Flea allergy dermatitis in cats is on the rise. Keep reading to find out how to prevent fleas naturally and soothe an itchy cat.


Do you have an itchy cat? Flea allergy dermatitis in cats is on the rise.

Flea allergy dermatitis can cause cats to scratch nonstop.

Blame it on climate change. Cats are getting more fleas, and flea allergy dermatitis in cats is becoming more common, according to Banfield Pet Hospitals’ 2018 State of Pet Health Report.

The report says there’s been an astonishing 67 percent increase in flea allergy dermatitis in cats since 2008. In 2017, 170 of every 10,000 cats seen at Banfield hospitals had the allergic reaction to fleas. In 2008, just 102 of every 10,000 cats developed flea allergy dermatitis. 

Some cats are so sensitive to fleas, just one bite can cause an allergic reaction, or dermatitis.

Is Climate Change Causing More Flea Allergy Dermatitis In Cats?