Clean Meat For Cats? | The Lifesaving Treats Are Here Now!

Clean Meat For Cats? | The Lifesaving Treats Are Here Now!

Reading Time: 4 minutes Imagine meat cat food that doesn’t involve any slaughtered animals. Clean meat for cats, or cell-cultured meat, is here now! Because Animals introduced its Harmless Hunt mouse cat treats at SuperZoo, one of the world’s largest pet trade shows, last month. The treats began with the stem cells from three mice who scurried off to do whatever mice who live in a posh mouse house do after they’d made their quick and painless donation to other animals and the planet. 

Flying Into The Future With Insect-Based Cat Food

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Coming soon to a pet supply store near you: insect-based cat food.

Cats love to eat bugs, but will they like insect-based cat food?

Cats love to eat bugs, but will they like insect-based cat food?

So your cat just caught a moth and ate it. Eeeuuu… But it turns out that cats like the taste of bugs, whether they’re on the fly or in insect-based cat food.

Researchers recruited 20 taste testers and offered them food that contained either black soldier fly larvae meal or oil. Ugh…

The cats ate both, although they seemed to like the kind with meal better than the food with oil. 

In a world where our cats dine on white meat chicken and fresh caught fish, pouring insect-based cat food into their bowls may seem to fly in the face of convention. But our planet is running out of the resources it needs to feed animals and humans. And if nothing else, insects are plentiful and leave a teeny carbon footprint, if they leave a carbon footprint at all.

Insect-Based Cat Food: It’s All About Sustainability

Clean Meat For Cats | A Kinder Way To Feed Our Friends

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When it reaches the marketplace, clean meat for cats will be a kinder and more sustainable way to feed our feline friends.


Someday soon, your cat may be dining on clean meat for cats.

Coming soon to a bowl near you: Clean meat for cats.

Talk to your cat about sustainability and clean meat for cats, and he’ll probably yawn and go back to sleep. For an animal who loves nothing more than stalking tiny rodents, compassionate eating is pretty much a nonstarter. 

But to a growing number of humans, the cruelty involved in the production of our cats’ food is becoming a major concern. In an online survey, nearly 600 people said they’re interested in feeding their animal companions a plant-based diet, mainly because they’re concerned about farm animal welfare. 

The only thing that’s stopping them is the worry that a diet containing no animal protein will provide inadequate nutrition for their cats and dogs.

Clean Meat For Cats: Cruelty-Free Food For Our Obligate Carnivores

Cricket Cat Food – The Next Big Thing?

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As pet food manufacturers worry about sustainability, cricket cat food could become the next big thing.

Cats love the catch crickets. But will they eat cricket cat food?

Cats love to catch crickets. But will they eat ground up crickets that come out of a can?

Okay, so cats eat bugs all the time. If you were a cat, you’d probably love nothing more than chowing down on a freshly-caught fly or cricket. Eeeuuu…

But Tarique Arsiwalla, a co-founder of Protix Biosystems, a company that markets insects as “the next protein commodity,” is hoping we humans will overcome the yuck factor and consider cricket cat food for our feline family members. Are you ready for ground-up crickets in a can? Ugh…

Arsiwalla was a presenter at a Petfood Forum Europe. His topic: insect-based ingredients in cat and dog food. Yuck…

But while just the thought of cricket cat food may give you the creepy crawlies, pet food made from insects might be in our cats’ not-so-distant future. Although our planet could probably sustain an infinite number of bugs, that’s not true of the animals who become food for us and our dogs and cats.

Are We Running Out Of Food For Both Pets And Humans?

Eeeuuu… Black Fly Larvae Cat Food?

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Disgusting as it may sound, black soldier fly larvae cat food could be coming to a pet supply retailer near you soon.


Would this cat eat black fly larvae from his crystal bowl?

Would this cat eat black fly larvae from his crystal bowl?

Black fly larvae cat food? Ugh… But disgusting as it sounds to us, pet food manufacturers are eyeing it as a sustainable, high protein ingredient to add to our cats’ diets. 

It’s already passed the taste test in one study.

And as unappealing as the thought is to us, insects may be the next big thing in cat food ingredients. 

Black Fly Larvae Cat Food: It’s All About Sustainability