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Now your cat can have music purrsonalized just for him with one of Spotify’s playlists for cats.

Is this cat enjoying purrsonalized music from one of Spotify's playlists for cats?

Now your cat can enjoy music purrsonalized just for him from one of Spotify’s playlists for cats.

If your cat could make his own Spotify playlist, chances are it wouldn’t include Lizzo, Billie Eilish or even Mozart. But Spotify’s playlists for cats could be in perfect tune with what your cats like to hear.

It turns out that what’s music to humans’ ears is just noise, and sometimes an annoyance, to cats. If it’s too loud, it can actually be painful.

It also turns out that Spotify likes to listen to the numbers. When it discovered that 71 percent of people who live with companion animals play music for them, it launched its playlists for cats, dogs, birds, hamsters and iguanas.

Not that Spotify’s ignoring people who live with birds, fish or snakes. Birds, of course, make their own music. And snakes and fish don’t hear music of any kind.

Spotify’s Playlists For Cats Tune In On The Way Cats Hear


Maybe you still like rocking out with Led Zeppelin or drifting into deep relaxation with Mozart, but that’s just white noise to your cat. 

University of Wisconsin-Madison psychologist Charles Snowdon found that cats like music, and so do other species. but it has to be in the frequency range the species use to communicate and with tempos they would normally use.

For cats, that’s sliding notes and high pitches. The tempo cats like is based on suckling and purring sounds.

Cellist David Teie suggested the theory to Snowden. And when his idea was proven correct, he composed several pieces just for cats. He also curated Spotify’s Mellow Meowsic playlist.

An Algorithm Decides What Music Cats Like

To create a playlist, all your cat has to do is go to the Spotify for Pets page and answer a few questions. Is he friendly or shy? Playful or sort of a couch potato? The algorithm then takes your own playlist into consideration and comes up with a selection of tunes both you and your cat will enjoy. 

My cats and I haven’t tried this yet, but we might. I just wonder if you can do six different playlists for six different cats. 

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